What is the Writing Studio?

The Writing Studio at ESA helps members of our community become better writers. By supporting fellow students and faculty members engaged in the struggles of writing, we can cultivate better, stronger, and confident writers.

Do I need to have a final draft in order to visit the Writing Studio?

Nope, not at all. We know that there are different phases to writing — including brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and proofing — and that we all need help at different times with one or more of those areas. Bring in what you have, and let's see what we can do together.

Where is the Writing Studio?

Just off the Upper School Quad, on the other side of Dr. Lee's room.

What are the Writing Studio's hours?

Due to everyone's busy schedules and various obligations, when fellows are available always varies. It's best to see what times we have available and book an appointment. Go to the calendar to book an appointment.

What's the cost for using the Writing Studio?

It's free!

Who runs the Writing Studio?

The Writing Studio is run by teachers and Upper School students who volunteer as peer tutors.

Can I schedule an appointment with a fellow at the Writing Studio?

You certainly may. Go to the calendar to book an appointment. Make sure that you are signed into your school Google account to schedule an appointment.

What's your policy on no-shows?

If you book two appointments with the Writing Studio and miss them both, then you lose the privilege to book an appointment online. However, you can still get help during any walk-in time.

Who can use the Writing Studio?

Any student or faculty member on the Cade campus can use the Writing Studio.

Will you proofread my paper for me?

Let's talk more about this and help you develop better skills which include proofreading, grammar, and writing.

What's a typical session like at the Writing Studio?

Each session lasts about 25 minutes. You bring in your writing and read it aloud to a fellow writer. The fellow tells you what she hears and asks you questions about your assignment and your own concerns with the work. You also discuss ways in which to strengthen the work and you as a writer.

What kind of writing can I bring to the Writing Studio?

Whatever you're working on — essays, stories, poems, novels, etc. You can also bring in writing that's not required for a class but that you would like to get some feedback on.

Will my teacher know that I visited the Writing Studio for my work?

If you would like, we can let them know that you dropped by.

Can I visit the Writing Studio more than once for a paper?

Certainly! We believe the more work you invest in your writing, the stronger a writer you become. One way you can accomplish that is through multiple revisions.

Can a fellow tell me what grade I might get on a paper?

No, that's not our job. We're here to help build better writers. Teachers make those kinds of assessments, and since they are several factors involved, we won't even venture a guess.

I'm a teacher. Can I require my entire class to visit the Writing Studio?

We're really flattered, but please don't! As it is, we have a limited amount of time and volunteer fellows to help. We want to encourage any writer who wants a helping hand, but by assigning every student to visit us places an enormous strain on resources and doesn't produce greater results. Please contact Mr. Fuller about other ways the Writing Studio can help your students in their writing process — maybe even by paying a few visits to your classroom!

As a teacher, can I require a student to visit the Writing Studio or offer extra credit to those who do?

We do everything we can to make sure we're available to help those who are genuinely interested in improving their writing skills. Those who show up to cash in on extra credit or to meet the requirement of a class rarely show the determination of those interested in getting help to become a stronger writer.